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The Widening Affluence Gap

February 15, 2010

In a dangerous world life seems to get more complex by the day. We hear that Australia is doing very well economically but that isn’t much comfort for the unemployed or the desitute. A recent UK study showed that theb rich are getting richer and the porr porrer at a rapid rate in OZ. This has led to a slow crumbling of Societal rules of engagement. People seem so hard done by and disenchanted while a priveled few reap all the benefits, that many are left with the feeling that Australia is not really the fair and equitable society that some would paint it. 

 There is an anger out there which makes itself known in a thousand different ways. The large army of have nots feels it doesn’t have a voice or that voice is not heard or simply igfnored.  I think there needs to be a better understaning of the growing  inequalities in our society so as to make adjustments. The alternative, whether destructive anarchism or something else,  doesn’t bear thinking about.

Recently Queensland Premier Anna Bligh insisted that electricity prices have gone up because of people’s use of pools, Plasma TV’s and so on. I personally don’t have those toys and neither do many of the locals that I know so the comments are an exercise in cynicism and part of a program to fobb off much put upon rate payers. Similarly Governor General Quenitin Bryce on the eve of a visit to China observed that she “must bve the only Australian not to have been to China”. In the middle of a Recession our smug PM tells us is over (but isn’t, the unemployment rate is higher than painted by the Canberra spin doctors) there is something Noblesse Oblige and arrogant about such an obviously false statement. they both might as well declare”let them eat cake”. These two ladies are part of the sinister Power Elite recently mentioned by former Royal Commissioner Tony Fitzgerald with Bryce being characterised by one newspapr as being “more regal than the Queen”. I met the Queens while i was teaching in the UK and I can assure you she is more approachable and less imperious than our precious Quentin.

There is an urge to blame those less privileged as being at fault so never mind the growing ranks of the homeless and the unemployed. Now that is something K.Rudd has over tony Abbott. It is time to introduce a bit of perspective when Billionaires cry poor mouth to anyone who bothers to listen. Keven himself (he also sometimes comes across as a smug Billionaire) is rather in this catergory too. This is not the Politics of envy at work, but a desite to restore an even playing field.

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