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Chickens coming home to roost?

May 6, 2010

At the moment the UK is on the cusp of dramatic, change whatever the outcome of the election. The Great Recession has left its mark and it isn’t over yet with Greece, Spain. Ireland and Italy teetering on the edge. The UK and Australia will suvive but things will be different. Whether the Conservatives or Labour get in, or even the Lib. Dems with some form of power sharing, the facts are that there will have to be deep cuts in spending on vital services like Health and Education. As in Greece this will be deeply unpopular. New taxes will be equallyt unpopular as Kevin rudd now knows with his so-called “Super-Profits tax” on the mining giants. Well heeled individuals and whole industries are threatening to leave both the UK and Australia. It wasn’t supposed to be this way. 

 As a teacher who worked in the UK for years early in the New Millenium i was able to get several much needed operations through the NHS and I shall always be grateful for that. That era now seems long ago and I  understand that foreign teachers are no longer welcome with so many britons out of work. in fact this year more Aussies left the UK than came in which has to be something of a record in recent times. So immigration laws will have to change with the shifting sands of economic well-being and that is only logical and has nothing to do with race. here in Australia i sometimes think the discussion on future population is a little unreal when you consider our scarce water resources and limited arable land.

So too with unemployment; bringing in large numbers of guest workers could well be counter-productive. Again this is not an issue of race yet some would have it so for their own political ends. I do feel that the problems confronting us are not insoluble but careful consideration of sometimes conflicting agendas needs to be taken into account. On that tory candidate Cameron has the rhetoric right at least when he talks of a Big Society with everyone, or most everyone pulling together. we can do it in times of war so too can it be done in turbulent peacetime.

Since last writing on this post the election is now decided and David Cameron is now PM. He presently has his hands full working on the drastic cuts to public services as well as the blow back from the BP gulf oil disaster. Maybe he’s not the toff some paint him and as a contemporary of US President Obama he is well positioned to expand on the ongoing so-called Special Relationship with the US. The Big Society Principle needs to be extended across the pond and there is an even money chance they could pull it off dpending on the breaks. I shall be in the UK and the US in the coming months and shall view all this ringside.

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