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The Needless death of Drummer Lee Rigby

June 11, 2013

The murder of Drummer Lee Rigby outside the Royal Artillery Barracks in Woolwich by two radical Islamic terrorists has sent shock waves through London that have spread across the world. The circumstances are quite unreal in that the soldier was run down then hacked to death with knives and a cleaver in broad daylight. With no intention of escaping the scene one of the men then launched into a tirade about avenging the deaths of Muslims by the British military. A passerby bravely stopped to speak with one of the men named Michael, and the entire event went instantly viral on YouTube and generally. Those bloody images will long be seared into our collective memory.

After the police arrived the men, both British of Nigerian descent raised as Christians then converted to Islam, ran towards the police and were shot. Many members of the public watched as the horrific events unfolded.

This latest radical Muslim atrocity was followed by widespread condemnation by Muslim leaders in the UK and by the global media. There were also reprisal attacks on Muslims that threatened to explode into riots although a strong police presence prevented a conflagration along the lines of 2011 in London and elsewhere in the UK. A radical Islamic hate preacher named Anjem Choudray claims to have known the suspects and was recently interviewed on the Australian 60 Minutes news program.

This closed loop pattern of hate spawning hate is a theme in my novel London’s Falling. In it a radical Imam fosters terrorist cells and terrorist acts which lead to a citywide riot. The point I’m making is that hate preachers can and do incite criminal acts and it is hard to further reduce that in as free society. I do feel that Muslim and Islamic Councils in the UK and here in Australia could do more to condemn such irreligious acts and it is encouraging to see the first faint signs of that.   



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