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Will we have a Global Government or Earth Inc.?

June 17, 2013

The idea of a global government has been around for a long time and especially so after the 20th century’s two world wars. The League of Nations and the United Nations were supposed to unite warring or overly competitive countries and succeeded to a greater or lesser extent with the latter. After all we still have a United Nations and it plays an important peace keeping role and helps to sort out many problems (with other orgs like the World Bank) including conquering world hunger and virulent disease.

In the past totalitarian regimes dreamed of taking over the world and even today we can see this kind of misguided approach to global unity. For example, some fanatical fundamentalist Islamic clerics call for a worldwide Caliphate or global theocracy irrespective of the wishes of anyone who gets in the way. I’m sure none of this will happen considering the remarkable strength of the human spirit.

It could be said that world capitalism has almost come close at linking people and their goals and desires a certain level at least. Yet even with everyone using Google or Facebook and talking on an I-Phone, this doesn’t mean corporate giants like Apple have taken over the world. Yes information has been shared with the US government according to recent reports although this is hardly surprising, it is disappointing.

In my novel Gaia Redux we have a world which has been destroyed by global war and environmental catastrophe. Barring complete extinction of all life there is nowhere to go but up for these post-apocalyptic Earthlings. With only a few million left to carry on a world government emerges, although unlike the Dark Ages for instance, this society retains all of the science and technology from the previous civilization and even manages to build on this. In a sense earth is given another chance to reinvent itself and this it does with a number of dynamic characters working with world leaders. These characters are blessed with almost eternal life and this gives them an added evolutionary advantage in facing such mind numbing challenges as a toxic biosphere and an unstable geology with numerous earthquakes and volcano eruptions.

In Gaia Redux (published by Hot Digital Books), even though earth has been subjected to multiple insults it is still there and it is the human species that has to adapt to the new environment. Perhaps the solution to present problems will only come when people are challenged on an individual basis and have to make their way without everything being provided for them. Perhaps the answer lies in colonising other planets like Mars and beyond. In the novel there are two camps; those that want to revive the planet and those that want to seek another Earth-like planet in another solar system. Whether or not humankind chooses or has to choose between these alternatives remains to be seen. Image

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