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How will the world end or end up?

June 28, 2013

Well that depends on your point of view of course and many say the world will keep going but we may not exactly have the life we are accustomed to. Many point to a kind of techno-topia where everyone will be connected and empowered. So is it the end of the world as we know it or is there a brighter future ahead? I would say that if you are the chief executive of a large corporation like Apple then you are well ahead although a simpler lifestyle can also bring a happy life. I for one don’t think the world will end anytime soon and eventually the majority of Earthlings could wind up relatively healthy and prosperous with enough concentrated effort.

You don’t have to be a billionaire space entrepreneur to achieve the things you want in life and yes there will be a lucky few who will get into space as private passengers. I would like to think I could make one of the flights even if that may be wishful thinking. Looking down on the whole earth would be quite an experience and going to Mars or the Moon in the future even better. Perhaps remote sensing like VR will enable us all to do this vicariously. I do think our destiny, at least partly, is eventually in that realm, at least for the hardy few willing and able to go.

That said we can make changes of our own here on Earth without going to the trouble of hurtling off into hyperspace, although I give full credit to those who are planning to go. Others want to do what they can to improve the quality of life right here right now through affirmative action on a local and global scale. While these goals are not mutually exclusive, adequate funding will always be an issue. The sun has a few billion years of life in it yet so there is time to improve the quality of life for all and everyone can work on this on an individual basis. And yes, billionaires have done their bit here too. Bill Gate, with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has put his vast deposits money into many worthy projects without a word about leaving the planet.

In my Speculative fiction novel Gaia Redux there are two groups in a post-apocalyptic world that are in a reasoned conflict over these twin aspirations. What I mean by reasoned is that there is no violence or crime to speak of in this perfected society and this is easier than it sounds because there aren’t too many people left. Humankind has been decimated yet it has survived. One set of organic centred souls work to making a ruined world whole and well again, while the others working in Gaia’s global government think this is hopeless and plan to journey to another solar system and inhabit an Earth-like planet.Picture of Earth 2When you think about it this scenario is credible considering the vast sums going into both environmental issues like clean air and water, renewal energy, and the preservation of endangered species as well as space based capitalism along the lines of the various Mars, Moon and asteroid projects  now going full steam ahead. I wish them all well and I try to do what I can here, such as involvement in the recently passed Green week on the Gold Coast. As in my novel this is not a matter of either or, but both. We can make Earth the kind of place it can be and should be minus the destructive elements like whale fishing and cutting down the rain forests. Technology will continue to develop at a rapid rate and this too shall be put into smarter electric cars and many other Earth friendly products and processes. Here’s to a smarter present and future.

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